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  • Product name: GH-192B Solar animal & bird repeller
  • Product number: GH-192B
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Thank you for purchasing Newest Solar Powered Animal Repeller. Please read these instructions before use.
The product uses ultrasonic, infrasound, gunshot and flash light to deter unwanted birds, dogs, cats, boar, deer, moles, voles, mice, rats and other wild animals. The power is solar energy and no wire connected. So it is appropriate to install the item in the farm, garden, lawn, nursery garden, manor, or others in the wild.
The item uses PIR theory and it can control the working way automatically. It works via gunshot, ultrasonic wave, infrasound, and LED flashing light and these frequency changes at times which birds and other animals feel as uncomfortable and irritable and then evacuate the area. When at night, the ultrasonic and flashing LED work. When daytime, the infrasound and gunshot work.

How to install and use it?
A. Hang up or plug into the soil.
B. After installing, open the back cover using screwdriver, “I”:gunshot. “II” flash light, ultrasonic and infrasound. “III”: gunshot, flash light, ultrasonic and infrasound. Please choose one working mode.
C. Refer to the diagram on the back of unit to select different switch position to customize the desired pest specific settings. “I” to repel birds, “II” to repel dogs, cats, boar, deer and other wild animals. “III” to repel birds and dogs, cats, boar, deer and other animals. “OFF” to turn off the unit.
D. The Infrared Sensors normally keep quiet. Only when animals pass by, then it will work. When it is under the working mode “III”, it works automatically day and night. Night working mode: Ultrasonic and flashing light. Day working mode: Infrasound and gunshot. It is energy saving and humane, and won't disturb your neighbor and has long working life. When this device emitting ultrasonic, the flash light will "light 1 second →off 1 second ", then cycling like this.
E. The ultrasonic frequency is 12KHz-35KHz.When it lasts working, the frequency changed from 12KHz-35KHz.

Technical Data:
1.Battery Voltage: DC4.8V
2.Static Current: 0.6mA
3.Frequency arrange: 12KHz-35KHz

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