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  • Product name: GH-192 PIR bird repelelr
  • Product number: GH-192
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PIR (Passive Infra Red) motion activated Animal Repeller provides a humanitarian way to repel unwelcome Animals, Bats and Birds from your garbage bins, fruit trees, lawn, garden, flower beds and fish ponds. It can be used both indoors and outdoor.


  • Unlatch battery door on back of unit and remove battery compartment.

    Install 4 x AA alkaline batteries. SEE FIGURE 1

  • Put 2 screws on the wall .To place unit onto wall, push double wall mount hanging holes onto the screws. SEE FIGURE 2. For best detection; the unit should be positioned on the wall between 4.8 -14.2 feet above the ground.
  • Locate function switch on the front of the unit to select the Day Mode and Night Mode. SEE FIGURE 3

    Day Mold: Select the Day Mold, the unit working at the sound function only in day time. sound and flash light will working same time in night time ,


    Night Mold: Select the Night Mold, the unit will work in sound function only in day time and flash light will working only in night time.
    Note: If you are worried to make a noise to disturb people at night time, we suggest you select the Night Mode. FIGURE 4

    Avoid placing unit behind any large trees, wall or object

    1. Unit dimension:        W 12.5CM x D7.3CM x H 12.6CM
    2. Unit Weight:           220 grams
    3. Power Supply          4xAA alkaline batteries
    4. Power Consumption:    Standby current: 0.8 mA
    Working current: 22 mA
    5. Coverage:              10 meters, 70°

    ● Continuously use the Animal Repeller
    ● If storms are expected remove the unit from outdoor areas
    ● Turn off the unit if pets are playing around the protection area
    ● The unit must not to be immersed in water or any other liquid
    ● Do no cover PIR sensor lens
    ● If cleaning is required, dampen a soft cloth with mild soap water.
    Refrain from using any chemical or abrasive cleaning agents as this might damage the function of the unit.

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