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  • Product name: GH-197 Baby mosquito repeller
  • Product number: GH-197
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Due to market feedback and customer requests, we introduce a new item- Baby Mosquito Repeller. Carry it with your baby and children. It will keep the mosquitoes away so they can enjoy their day.


  1. The device imitates the sound of dragonfly wing`s vibration to drive all kinds of mosquitoes.
  2. Press the button in the center for the first time, the sound will last for 2 hours and light flashing once every one second. Second press, it will last for 4 hours and light flashing two times. Third press, 8 hours and light flashing four times. After fourth press, it will stop working.

Dragonfly is the natural enemy of mosquito. This product can imitate the sound of dragonfly wing`s vibration to make them painful and discomfortable and then flee away.


  1. Do not let your baby or children play it as their toy.
  2. When put the new battery, please use screwdriver. The battery is button cell (CR248).
  3. Battery life: more than 180 hours.

Can Be Used In:

  1. Household or hotel use
  2. Tour or Outdoor activities: Carry it with you when you go to barbecues, camping, fishing, the beach, picnics or other outdoor activities. It will keep the mosquitoes away!

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