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  • Product name: GH-712 Car-Mounted Rodent repeller
  • Product number: GH-712
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Car-Mounted Rodent Repeller (Hard wired version)
Dear customer,
Thank you for purchasing our newest Car-Mounted Rodent Repeller. Please read the instructions before use.

1. Description
The product is hard wired and powered by your vehicle’s battery. It is convenient, effective and environmentally friendly. You will have no worry of rodent problem from now on. This item will drive rodents away from your car and garage.
The device is automatically controlled by vibrations. While your car is moving the device is off. When your car is stopped the switch will turn on automatically, then the device is working.
The device emits ultrasonic waves that make the rodents feel uncomfortable and run away.
This device is supplied with mounting and wiring hardware to connect to the car’s electrical circuit. (see detailed wiring diagram instructions)

2. Working
This item has low power consumption. The sounds are hardly perceptible to the human ear and keep the rodents away from the vehicle and rooms. It protects cables, wires and other rubber parts from rodent damage.

3. Notice
a, Please clean the car or room if there has been previous activity by Rodents due to the smell residues. b, Dismantle the device before cleaning your vehicle.

4. Wiring Instructions
….(here you need to print detailed instructions of how to wire the device and would be best to include a picture as well).

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