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  • Product name: GH-193 Solar pig repeller
  • Product number: GH-193
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  1. First using, pull out the transparent insulating board at the bottom of machine.
  2. Place machine on the tree, trunk, stake, post, wall or others you like.
  3. Machine will turn on at dusk, off at down automatically.

In science, it is proved that homoiothermal animals are afraid of fire. When detecting fire or something like fire, they may flee away from the range. According to this principle, the product is designed to drive animals by flashing red light, like fire.

Where to use:
On the tree, trunk, stake, post, wall, fence or others you like.


  1. Environment Friendly (solar powered, neither batteries not electricity)
  2. Light Sensitive(Turns on at dusk, off at down automatically)
  3. Easy Installation, Easy Using.

Dimensions:    75x30x78mm
Power supply: Sun light+ Solar Panel+ 1xNI-MH Battery


  1. The machine will begin to work after pulling out the transparent insulating plate. So before purchasing, please do not pull out the transparent plate at the bottom.
  2. Please place the machine under sun or other environment with strong light to make best effect.
  3. The machine is not waterproof; please do not make water poured into.

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