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  • Product name: GH-318 Solar snake repeller
  • Product number: GH-318
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The solar snake repeller unit is designed to repel snakes, by emitting a pulse which snakes feel as a vibration transmitted through the ground. Snakes then perceive a danger zone causing them to evacuate the area, not so much a physical barrier, but rather creating an area where the snakes do not want to be.

The repeller transmits its signal in all directions approx 20m. (65ft), they can be placed approx 40 m (130ft) apart to get optimum coverage, it is always recommended to use two or more units to get the best results. Place a unit close to retaining walls, rock gardens, old sheds etc. to drive snakes out from their hiding places and away. When first installing the units, keep children and animals away from the area for the first hour in case any snakes are driven out of their hiding places.
The unit works with rechargeable batteries. The solar module runs the unit and charges the battery during the day night-time operation is enabled by the batteries.

Installation procedure
  1. Take off the small plastic stopper under the head of the unit, attach the small connectors on the wires from the base of the head of the unit to the one from the spike section, and attach the spike to the head of the unit.
  2. Insert the spike into the ground paying attention not to damage the unit. The spike should be firmly planted while leaving the base of the head minimum 1-2” above the ground. We suggest use a crowbar to first make a small hole and gently push the spike in or dig a small hole and backfill with earth after the unit is in place. Do not use a mallet, hammer or excessive force as this may damage the unit. As long as you can get the unit 2/3rds of the way into the ground with firm ground contact, is good.
  3. You can tell the unit is operating, as its led light will flash as it transmits its signal, you will feel the vibrations.
  4. Sometimes the unit may need a short time in the sun to give them a boost and start up, when first installed. If the unit stops operating check/change the battery to see that it is OK – as this is the usual reason for the units to stop operating.

Although the units are weatherproof, it is recommended that you remove it under extreme weather conditions such as hail, flooding and snow. If the unit does become waterlogged and the unit ceases to work, take it out and leave to dry, normally when completely dry the unit will return to normal operation. Normally the only maintenance required is with a soft cloth; wipe the solar panel cover to remove any excess dirt and grime.

Please take care when removing the units from the ground, that you do not break them.
After some time the batteries may start to loose efficiency, these can be replaced by two AA size rechargeable NiMh 1.2V batteries are recommended. Battery compartment is located in the underside of the head section.

While the unit should reduce the number of snakes around your home when installed and working, you should always be vigilant, nothing can be 100% effective as unforseen circumstances may occur and this may result in the chance of an occasional snake not being immediately repelled, and although probably leaving the area there is no control over what direction any snakes will take to get away. Some snakes may initially retreat up off the ground /or on to concrete areas etc. until they decide where to go. Other external factors such as heavy equipment operating close by may temporarily influence the effectiveness of the units.

Occasionally snakes that are resident close by may become accustomed to the units and slowly come closer to the protected area, if you think this is happening, it is a good idea to relocate the units – by moving them 3-4 yards every 2-3 months should be enough to prevent this.

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